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Learn Biblical principles and practical strategies to thrive in your mothering journey.

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Motherhood is awesome!

But trying to manage a home and a family and do it all with grace can be overwhelming.

The dreams that you had of the joyful, organized, care-free family life crumbles before your eyes when faced with too much to do, kids who don't listen, and a day-to-day that never goes as planned. Discouragement can sink in very easily!

God never intended us to exist in that state of discouragement.

There are tools and resources and perspective shifts that ca help us to not only survive this mothering journey, but THRIVE!

Allow me to share with you what the Lord has taught me over the last 13 years.

Be encouraged and learn to thrive on purpose!

"Oh I so very much needed this!! I've been struggling with homeschool, parenting, marriage, and just LIFE because of the pressures the devil wants to pile on me. I'm not taking time for God like I should, so I'm having anxiety issues, therefore I'm not sleeping well, I'm overtired and strung out, so I want to sleep later than I I wake up and tell myself 50x that I need to get out of bed...all while I'm on my phone "trying to wake up." And then I'm not spending time with God and the cycle continues. Then the guilt and shame, not only from not spending time with God, but from my abominable behavior toward my family from lack of sleep and an empty cup...Satan has me right where he wants me! I just told my sister-in-law this afternoon that I'm told constantly when talking with people about trying to get out of my depression and anxiety, "Start. Pick a place and start." It sounds SO easy! But it's not, especially when EVERYTHING is a mess! Now I realize where I need to start! THANK YOU!"

- Diana, Homeschooling Mama

We no longer live in communities where we learn all we needed to know to manage our homes from mom, grandmothers, aunts, cousins, and neighbors.

We must reach out and get the help we need so that we can offer our families out of the overflow, instead of the dregs!

This is so good Jenny!! As I list out what I expect to get done today and this week it is almost comical! 😂 Apparently I truly believe I am super woman/super mom! I have NEVER thought or heard your perspective...that this was thinking too highly of myself or idolizing. I have always had the opposite thinking...that I am not enough. Wow! You really put that into perspective. Thank you!

- Niki, Working Mama of 2 kiddos

Thriving Mama Academy

Learn Biblical principles and practical strategies to thrive in your mothering journey.

Enroll now